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Implementing a Corporate Wellness Strategy

with Great Eastern Life

The Challenge


Great Eastern wanted to create a corporate wellness strategy that would not only observe real changes in health but augment its “Live Great” branding.


The Solution


Putting in place evidence based strategy to observe real tracked changes and weave the “Live Great” branding into every component of its corporate wellness programme.


The Results


Observed success of over 90% seeing improvements in at least one cardiac risk factor for health coaching classes and consistently high participation rates for all other workshops.




The Challenge


In line with Great Eastern’s (GE) brand ethos to Live Great and mission to enable healthier, better and longer lives, ProAge was to develop a corporate wellness strategy that would align to the brand and effectively strengthen employee engagement.


The Solution


Through closely collaboration with GE, ProAge developed a programme that brought to life its mission through the ‘Go Green’ Campaign that encouraged employees to improve their metabolic risks factors (waist circumference, Triglycerides level, BMI, blood pressure and overweight) by moving from the “red/amber zone” (i.e 2-5 metabolic risk factors) toward the “green zone” (i.e 0-1 metabolic risk factors).



Improved health results was also achieved by understanding the employee profile and placing employees in different health tracks bases on their interest and goals. Further, ProAge designed evidence based fun team challenges that tapped onto the wellness benefits system to drive the desired health goals.


ProAge also intentionally connected employees to the company ethos of “healthier, better and longer lives” through consistent and relevant messaging in various communication platforms. Deliberate changes were also made to the environment through a dedicated corner that served to educate employees about ways to improve their health. Through this, employees who were initially apathetic to the campaign were also engaged.


Utilising the latest technology in health management and harnessing the strengths of various digital media platforms, ProAge also strategically targeted people at their different stages of readiness



The Results


ProAge observed maximum participation of 500 employees through its engagement strategy. It also turned around the originally pessimistic trend of health risk indicators around and observed:

  •  45 employee moving from the “amber zone” to “green zone” when it came to triglycerides and wait circumference;
  • 67 % of employees engaged in at least 150min of physical activity per week;
  • 94 % success rate for the 3-month weight loss programme in 2016;
  • 73 % of employees reporting positive life changes;
  • 81 % in its net promoter score.


This resulted in an ongoing partnership for the past 5 years that has seen transformed health culture and overall reduction in health risk profile.

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