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Equipping a Mature Workforce

with The Port of Singapore Authority

At a glance

The Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) engaged a maturing workforce with the successful implementation of evidence-based health and well-being courses.

The Challenge: A growing need to keep a rapidly maturing workforce in good health to maintain productivity and re-employability.  

The Solution: Exclusively designed training curriculum delivered to a diverse workforce.

The Results: Achieved a mean evaluation score of 91.2% for the courses delivered.   

The Challenge

PSA identified that they had a maturing workforce and a sizable proportion of their employees were aged 50 and above. Many of them were starting to report experiencing aches and pains. The management wanted to engage their employees in health promotion however they faced challenges as they had a large workforce, with diverse needs. 

The Solution

ProAge was engaged to design and deliver full-day courses that not only highlighted good physical health, but also all other key areas that contribute to leading a fulfilling life.

An exclusively designed training curriculum with relevant content was developed, which was then delivered in targeted ways to engage employees ranging from management to operational within the organisation.

Some of our workshop titles:

1. Living a Healthy Lifestyle

2. Keeping a Healthy Brain

3. Reducing Stress, Building Resilience

Solutions focused on the learning needs of participants and were delivered in a collaborative and interactive manner. Part of the course process was to work on real job scenarios and life
experiences. Role-plays were also used to help participants develop lasting lifestyle changes. 

The aim was for all participants to graduate from our courses equipped for success in all of their health endeavours.

Very helpful to me. Hope to attend more of such courses. - Participant, 56 years old

The Results


All courses were over-subscribed and had waiting lists.


It was well received by executive and operational employees with an average evaluation score of 5.47 based on a maximum score of 6.0, equating to a 91.2% evaluation score.

Verbal feedback provided by participants revealed that knowledge and life skills gained in the training courses were consistently incorporated into their daily lives. 

A very enriching class which brings out the child in all of us.
- Selvi, Executive

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