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A Mentally Stimulating Event

with Nanyang Technological University

At a glance

ProAge was invited to collaborate with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National Institute of Education (NIE) to promote mental wellness among their staff for the first time.

The Challenge: The staff profile at the NTU/NIE campus is very diverse one. The audience were of different age groups, cultures, nationalities and job levels ranging from directors, professors, and spouses wanting to learn more about mental wellness.

The Solution: "High Five" event was recommended to kickstart their health promotion initiative. This special launch event is part of a larger mental wellness campaign which catered to the diverse workforce on campus. The campaign raises the awareness of the 5 crucial pillars of mental wellness endorsed by Health Promotion Board in an interactive, engaging and seamless manner.

The Results: There was an overwhelming number of staff who signed up for the event and participants were readily engaged in the activities. Moving away from the usual lecture-styled talks inspired much learning and engagement. The organisers were very pleased with the outcomes. 

"High Five" Launch Event

This special event raises the awareness of the 5 crucial pillars of mental wellness endorsed by Health Promotion Board. They are the basic building blocks for good mental wellness at the workplace. 

To begin, teams were formed and had to take on team-based challenges, including a series of mind twisting tasks to get them revved up and ready to go! 

Each step of the way, participants picked up valuable learning lessons applicable to their work life. Here, teams get together to express their emotions and enhance their social skills through drawing.

We found the activities organised very suitable to develop and enhance their resilience, self-esteem and social skills.  

- Jasmine Chong

Enough of boring talks, learning through fun and games is the way to go! 

Friendships were forged and emails were exchanged after this special launch event. Photos and videos captured throughout the event were also sent to the organisers, together with prompt feedback collated from the participants. We're confident that the positive experiences gained from this event would pave the way for the successful implementation of NTU's health promotion initiative!

Client's Testimonial

"ProAge's programmes are good. Speakers are very professional and knowledgeable about the topic that they present. Our staff enjoy and learn from every workshop thoroughly! We received good feedback and compliments after each session. I'm very satisfied with ProAge's service and will continue to engage them!"

Sook Ching


Manager, Campus Recreation & Wellness

Nanyang Technological University

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